The folks at Good Shepherd UCC know that balance and focus are important parts of a healthy life, and that is true for the life of a congregation too. Balance allows us to participate in a variety of activities which meet the diverse interests of our members. Focus keeps us from scattering our energies too broadly, allowing us to be more effective in our mission and ministry priorities.

Good Shepherd finds balance and focus through a unique model called The 6Cs.

Communion, Covenant, and Children relate primarily to the ministry within our congregation. We call that “breathing in”—nourishing our spirits and caring for each other.

Community, Cross-Cultural, and Creative relate primarily to our ministry outside our walls. We call that “breathing out”— sharing the love of God in all sorts of ways and with all sorts of people.

Breathing in and breathing out….balance and focus….The 6Cs help Good Shepherd to be a healthy, vital, energetic congregation.

Connecting With Our Future

Children are integral to the health and well-being of Good Shepherd. Children are our future ; it is our responsibility to help them to grow up to be caring and loving Christians. We do this with the help of our well-qualified child care specialists in our nursery every Sunday. We have a fantastic church school curriculum that our teachers love almost as much as our kids do. We have an active middle and high school youth group. During worship, we share a “Time for our Children” and include a youth as liturgist. We have also adopted a comprehensive “Safe Church Policy” that is designed to protect our children as they participate in activities at Good Shepherd.

At GSUCC, we believe it is our duty and privilege to love, respect, listen to, and nurture our children.

Connecting with God

Through the sacrament of Communion in a worship service, we receive spiritual nourishment as we connect in spirit with God and with other Christians. We can experience this spiritual connection away from the Communion Table as well. Members of our education classes experience Communion as they journey together to know God better. Our congregation experiences Communion as we share worship and a meal with other faith communities, celebrating our common faith. We experience Communion when we share in service to the community and the world, worshipping God by putting our faith into action.

If we are aware of God in our midst every time we gather, we can experience Communion in all that we do.

Connecting with Each Other

Covenant focuses on our relationships with God and each other as we strive for oneness in God’s world. Covenant is the “glue” that holds us together even in the middle of all kinds of differences. The UCC logo includes Jesus’ prayer for unity, “that they may all be one.” In the words of the UCC Statement of Faith, covenant is a “gift of the Holy Spirit binding all faithful people together.” When we join GSUCC, we commit verbally and in writing to “covenant with God and one another as the Good Shepherd United Church of Christ.” Our Cornerstone Statement reminds us of our diversity and our covenant with God, each other, and the world.

Connecting Beyond Our Comfort Zone

One of the unique characteristics of Good Shepherd UCC is our willingness to take on non-traditional, creative missions and activities. For many years Good Shepherd was actively involved in prison ministry at the North Carolina Women’s Central Prison. Good Shepherd members also volunteered at bouts for the Carolina Rollergirls, demonstrating Christian love in a non-preachy way. When you think about it, even Good Shepherd’s long-standing relationship with our sister church, Cary First Christian Church, was a bit unusual at the time it originated. Our worship services often contain creative elements, and our annual Easter Bonnet contest is a favorite of youth and adults.

Creative ways to reach out . . . living and extending the word of God through Jesus’ example . . . has always been an important part of the faith journey of Good Shepherd.

Connecting Beyond our Borders

Cross-Cultural ministry connects us beyond our borders as we reach out in love to people who have ways and beliefs different than our own. As we value the diversity in our own congregation, we also value the diversity among all humankind. We celebrate this diversity and believe that our lives are enhanced by it. We seek to create understanding and connections between people of different cultures and faiths so there may be greater harmony among the children of God.

Connecting Beyond Our Walls

We believe the church should work to meet the real needs of real people who are our neighbors. Right here in our own community, there are folks with major concerns about hunger, housing, clothing, and employment. To help meet that need, we have partnered with Dorcas Ministries, a local faith-based charitable organization. Dorcas Ministries has been meeting the real needs of real people in the Cary-Apex area for forty years. Through financial contributions, food donations, and dedicated volunteers, Good Shepherd has supports Dorcas Ministries and the people of our local community.