An important aspect of faith is connecting it to real life and contemporary society. The “Faith and…” Class, is open to anyone from middle school through adulthood, and strives to do exactly that in an atmosphere that is part Sunday school, part friends talking about life over coffee.

Class members take turns moderating discussions on a wide range of topics. It may be a traditional style Bible study, like a series on the book of James and his emphasis on putting faith into action. Or the discussion may center on the faith implications of a challenging political issue.

The Faith and… class has delved into the UCC curriculum on White Privilege, studied other major faith traditions, talked about gender inequality, and explored the Christian themes found in the Harry Potter series. The informal discussion format encourages participation by everyone. Some topics include optional outside reading, but it is never necessary.

Currently, we are discussing the Biblical implications surrounding current events using a curriculum called The Wired Word. The Faith and…class is a group you can feel comfortable dropping into once in a while or every week. Refreshments begin at 9:00, discussion at 9:15 at High House.